Before buying LED lighting products, we suggest you contact us first…


Because, there’s so much emerging LED technology and creative lighting options to consider, it always helps to discuss your lighting ideas with an LED lighting expert, like a member of the Smartgreen team. We provide friendly and free advice on the latest LED products to suit your application, energy consumption, product suitability and installation as well as safety tips and cool life style options such as WiFi remote control, automation and more

Most of the Smartgreen LED product range can be found here on our site. However, We develop and continuously improve our range at factory level and import many unique LED lighting products with custom options that are simply not available at the local lighting store or even online. We can supply minimum order quantities, large regular volumes or design custom, one off LED lighting solutions for commercial development and smaller home projects

Once your sure you have the perfect lighting solution, we can offer you a no obligation free quote with very competitive pricing and delivery solution to suit

Free call 1300 886 869 or email


Link to Smartgreen trade service

Our trade service supplies a broad range of quality LED lighting products to trade outlets, electricians, property developers, builders and any business that requires a reliable and regular supply of quality LED lighting. We offer the Smartgreen range at a competitive wholesale price with a good margin to allow our trade customers flexible profits options. We also offer small and convenient minimum order quantities and account terms for regular buyers with a minimum monthly spend. Our products are certified for the Australian market and if required, we can provide extended certification to suit your particular application

Contact us for product brochures and wholesale deals Free call 1300 886 869 or email


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Our preferred payment method is Direct Deposit or if you wish to pay by credit card, we accept PayPal All orders must be paid in full prior to shipping and invoices must be paid in full within 7 days from issue, if you require a payment extension, please contact us. All listed prices on this website are show in Australian currency and exclusive of GST. We can consider credit accounts for regular buyers with a minimum monthly spend, contact us to discuss options 


Whilst Smartgreen LED seeks to ensure all products are available at the time of purchase and are shipped within a reasonable time frame, this may not always be possible. When you request a quote we will evaluate product availability and provide a delivery estimate. If for any reason that we cannot supply a product or the delay is unreasonable we will notify you and you may choose to receive a full refund or change of order 

If your looking for an LED lighting product that’s not in our online store, we are always happy to source and develop unique products for you, delivery time for custom products will vary depending on product availability


Free Shipping for all orders over $300 Australia wide For most orders we provide free delivery Australia wide. However, we reserve the right to charge a minimum freight fee for unusually heavy or large orders and delivery to remote or challenging areas. We don’t deliver to a Post Box and require a legitimate business or residential address to make delivery. All deliveries are registered and require a signature to collect and goods not delivered will be returned to the couriers depot or LPO and a card will be left for you to make collection

We offer parcel tracking for Australian deliveries. Use the below Tracking Links to follow your orders in transit

Australia Post BrandDHL BrandStartrack Brand Orders are dispatched within 7 working days by registered post or courier and should arrive at your nominated delivery address within 14 to 21 working days. All care is taken by us to ensure your order is checked and packaged sufficiently to arrive at your delivery address in perfect condition. However, in the event any damage occurs in transit we will not be held liable for any losses caused. If you receive transit damaged goods we recommend you make a claim to the postage service used and notify us as soon as possible


We are so confident you’ll be happy with your new lights we provide a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee on all our listed products. If you’re not fully satisfied with your lights you can return them within 30 days and receive a 100% refund, excluding any shipping costs. We process refunds within 14 days but only if all 30 day refund conditions are met

This guarantee is subject to the goods arriving to us in mint condition. All packaging must be undamaged and the lamps must be in perfect working order having no damage or usage marks whatsoever. If the conditions are not met then the products will be returned to you at your cost and the refund offer will be withdrawn. We will not pay for any shipping and or delivery costs to or from you in the event of a 30 day refund


Warranties advertised on this website, third party websites, businesses or companies all relate to the manufacturer’s warranty which is supported through Smartgreen LED. Most of our products have at least a 2 year manufacturers warranty against defects on workmanship or materials used. Warranties do not cover any product that has been mis-used, abused, improperly or poorly used or installed, disassembled, installed within an enclosed light fitting or fixture or used with an incorrect transformer. The warranty covers any lamp that becomes defective under reasonable normal usage as determined solely by Smartgreen LED. Please ensure all LED products purchased through Smartgreen LED are not used in a fully enclosed fixture (air tight). All LED drivers (transformers) should have at least 30mm of space around the case to allow air circulation and heat dissipation. Incorrect installation not only voids our warranty but will dramatically reduce the life of the product. In the case of a disputed warranty claim, we will, on occasion request photographs to verify driver installation. If you have any doubt in regard to product installation, please call us

Return procedure

  • Customers must contact Smartgreen LED to discuss the fault, prior to returning the product
  • Products or components deemed faulty should be delivered to our main office in Hobart. Please contact us for our return postal address
  • All returned products are tested and if necessary repaired or replaced

The warranty claimer is solely responsible for all return postage costs associated with any warranty claim. Returns that are send COD will not be processed and send back to the sender COD. The claimer must provide proof of purchase from Smartgreen LED and this must be included with the return


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Information sharing

We take your privacy very seriously. Under no circumstances do we share any of your personal information, including, but not limited to, your full name, your address, your phone number, your email address or your order information to any other business or individual for any purposes


  • When a business is brought and sold, customer information can be transferred as a business asset
  • We are obliged to supply business and customer information to law enforcement agencies and to 3rd party companies for fraud and credit protection

What we do collect and store

We store all information you enter on our site including shipping, contact information and newsletter registration. We use this information to improve our services, to communicate with you and to send you relevant service and product information

What we don’t collect and store

Credit card information  – No credit card or financial information is retained or accessible by us in anyway


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All products purchased through Smartgreen LED should be installed to relevant standards made by the governing bodies for the state or country in which the product is to be installed and by a licensed electrician. No refunds will be offered to any customer who has purchased a product that requires specific electrical modification to the product or its fixture for the product to operate correctly. Smartgreen LED will accept no liability for any damage, loss or harm to any possession(s) or person(s) for the improper or poor use or installation of any product(s)

LED lights are the most efficient consumer lighting on the market. They produce little heat and are warm to touch, around 40 degrees. However, LED lights are sensitive to heat. It’s important that your new lights are installed correctly and that sufficient room is retained around the lamp particularly in roof cavities where heat can accumulate. Not providing sufficient ventilation can reduce the life of your lights and void your warranty